Mid Week MUNCH – Pumpkins & Sirens

Today my youngest and I ventured out to buy some new rain boots because little boys grow through shoes like crazy!

Afterwards we decided to venture over to University Village and took a peek in on the remodeling of the Tazo/Teavana store…


Then over to Evolution Fresh to pick up a great Fall soup… This time it was a French Lentil & mushroom soup that I paired with a warm cinnamon Tazo tea & Starbucks Parmesan pretzel…


Then it was time to design our new Fall display area… Pumpkins, Fall leaves & Starbucks Sirens!  The Hunter boots are going to school for puddle-jumping tomorrow!


I am loving all these fall colors, boots, fingerless gloves, crisp mornings, warm drinks and delicious soups… how about you?

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4 Responses

  1. Alissa says:

    Hey Beautiful! So… its been a while since I touched in with you, I hope your life (& blog) is going well! Just wanted to invite you to stop by and visit me at my new home at the downtown Olympia Starbucks. I know you often travel from Seattle down to Lewis County on the I-5 corridor… and loved that you occasionally visited us at DuPont! I hope you can pop by sometime, as we are the only Clover store between the Seattle/Portland drive (although I did hear rumors one opened up in Gig Harbor). Am totally having fun learning about our Clover… New favorite is our Hawaii Ka’u Reserve coffee, iced. Soooo good! -Alissa

    • Alissa,

      New store huh? Well I will miss you at the DuPont drive thru but YES! I’m going down to the farm in another couple of weeks and will make a stop at your store. Love the clovers! Been enjoying the Reserve Jamaican Amber Estate myself on our local one!

      I hope you are enjoying your new store

  2. alissa says:

    Amber Estate is a tasty one too, must admit being able to experiment & try the various Clover & Reserves has been so much fun! After 5 & 1/2 years at the DuPont DT it was very hard to say goodbye, several of my ‘regulars’ really became friends. Well… when you are able to come by, make sure you give yourself a little extra time to stop by Archibald Sisters & Compass Rose just down the block from my new store, if you haven’t been. Awesome local shops!

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