Weekend Wrap Up – Seasons Change

This weekend was full of BOOM in Seattle! The thunder & lightning made it an easy pick for recreational activities…

First, Saturday was all about new Fall Colors (with my at least one a day PSL habit)…

And then all the Holiday items made it out to decorate in my farm-nana-Tchotchke way!

See the Starbucks? And why YES, those are vintage coffee cans… gifted to me by a very wonderful Partner Stephanie! (and seriously one of the most amazing bakers around too!)

This weekend social media was abuzz with all sorts of fun stuff. If you aren’t on my over 12 social media platforms you really should catch up because you miss monumental happenings like “the Starbucks BACON quote” that erupted Saturday on their Twitter feed. Needless to say my final bid was for BOTH to go hand-in-hand, hence my cup-poetry stating so that got “EPIC” reviews!

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  1. mynameisnimi says:

    I wish we had Starbucks in Israel again! Meanwhile, i’ll have to get my Frappuccino in Europe šŸ™‚

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