Welcome to October!

Ah, October… One of my favorite months of the year! Not only do we have crisp mornings, hot apple cider, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and savory soups but everything is orange, pumpkins, leaves and scarves, boots and sweaters!

October is also one of my most creative months because it’s when I start designing the Halloween costumes for my boys and me!

So, in honor of all the creativity that is part of this month, I’m dedicating my focus for the next 31 days to Starbucks art!  Since I have now been in this challenge for 9 months, I’ve come across a lot of creativity and inspiration through the eyes of the siren!  In fact, Starbucks Partners are some of the most creative people I’ve seen!  So, to start this month out I thought I’d showcase a Washington-based artist who is also a Partner, Jacob Wigley, who shared his beautiful siren piece with me this summer.

Jacob let me know that this piece will now be hanging at Washington Plaza Starbucks store in Richland, WA.

Jacob described the process for making this piece to me… “The piece is on an old canvas and frame I found at a yard sale. Wood and matting. I liked the detail and knew it would paint well. Painted the canvas and then put it back in place. Sprayed the frame to match. Also used the pattern from a large shopper. It was my first time using any of those materials. It’s in a shiny white finish so it shows a little metallic.”

You can find more about Jacob, his Art and possibly some Partner adventures on his Instagram page.  I just love how Jacob uses recycled, or upcycled materials for his pieces!

Speaking of which…

Yesterday I took a little drive (in the wet, WET Washington weather!) to the site of a second Starbucks shipping container store in Federal Way (Hwy 99 and 288th)…


I will be showcasing a LOT of Starbucks Art, creativity in many areas from fashion to paintings to the famous chalkboards that we all see in the stores!  So if you know a great Starbucks Partner artist, a creative way Starbucks has been showcased, please share them with me and the world this month!  Email me at: For1YearOfMyLife@gmail.com

Oh, and since it is the beginning of October that means a wrap up to September’s numbers…

Below $500 this month! I’m proud of myself! Especially considering it is when #PSL launched!!

Another thing I’d like you all to see… This week I’ve seen, and participated in at least one morning of a “Pay It Forward” that happened at my local Starbucks store drive in honor of a girl who loved Pumpkin Spice Latte’s who passed away.  You can see the ABC News report and decide for yourself but I would like to believe that it is these kind of moments that make our world just that much better, if even on the customer/car behind you, so please consider remembering Alyssa and Paying It Forward too.  Thanks!


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