Friday Follow Up – Come Together

They always warm you NOT to talk a about sex, drugs or politics…well we are WAY past that point now so who am I to argue?  I’m going there, so get ready!

While there is always plenty of Starbucks goodies to show you, plenty of new conversations to have and plenty of Art to still share…

There is nothing more REAL in our world than the concept of people’s lives being honored, respected and given the ability to flourish!  And with the turmoils of the recent years…the current situation in American politics is one that we must turn ALL OUR attention to and try and resolve, TOGETHER… for the sake of the world!

So as I could easily tell you about my latest goodies, or Artistic choices of this wonderful, Internationally-loved brand called Starbucks… What I’d like to take my time to do instead is make sure EVERY READER of this blog, EVERY PERSON within eyesight of any of my words has seen Howard & Partners request to #ComeTogether as a country, as a community, and ask our politicians to do the same for the sake of us ALL!

Please go to: and sign the online petition to let Washington DC hear your voice that we need our government working FOR the people, BY the people!

Because as the bracelets I wear everyday will show you… we are ALL Indivisible in this world if we just show some LOVE and #ComeTogether!

This means YOU TOO Washington DC!

(Ok, I didn’t talk about sex and drugs… but one outta three isn’t bad!)

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