Friday Follow Up – Comfort & Creativity

With Halloween quickly approaching I’ve been diligently creating my Starbucks costume masterpiece!  Watch my Instagram or Twitter feeds this weekend for the unveiling of all my hard work.

But besides costume creativity, this week has certainly been busy.  Namely because my oldest had an operation early on and of course, pre & post op we were comforted with a Starbucks RIGHT in the lobby of the Hospital which is so great!

20131025-052413.jpgHe is doing better now and even received a couple of care packages from the staff of a local skate store (Zumiez) and his best friend which always helps recovery!

The coupons this week from Starbucks (in the PNW region) for $2 Oatmeal PLUS additional coupons for beverages like the Chocolate Chai Tea Latte have kept us warm and comforted during this recovery week.  As we found out, and I’m sure millions can attest to, Starbucks was with with us every step of the way!

This morning as I sit here sipping my Latte and working feverishly on my costume I wonder how many others are doing the same right now?

Please share your Starbucks Halloween costumes and decorations partners and customers, I’m sure many others would love to see the creativity (and as my week has shown, comfort) that your Starbucks bring to your lives!

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