Friday Follow Up – Halloween week!

Last weekend started off our Halloween week full of parties, costumes, candies and of course Starbucks!  First of all, my costume…


As anybody that watches my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook feeds witnessed this weekend… the Starbucks Siren (in particular the new Anniversary Blend Siren) is where my inspiration came from.  You can see by the photos taken at our Seattle Halloween party (below) my costume was as close as I could get to the work of art corporate created for the season.

This costume took me a month to create, reusing all the Starbucks paper bags I’ve been collecting for months to make the scales, tails and even the crown!

As you can see, each “scale” was hand attached, colored and moved with me!  It’s been an amazing costume for sure, and everybody has not only loved the detail of the piece but also my special new Converse kicks that I made to go with it!  I am a BIG FAN of that LaBoulange pink with the siren’s green and white colors (somebody PLEASE get me a LaBoulange pink apron for the holidays!!) so as soon as I seen these kicks at Nordstrom RACK back in September I KNEW they had to be a part of my costume!

20131028-073310.jpgSince this month’s focus was all about Starbucks art, I thought I’d finishing things off with one of the popular artistic creations during fall, pumpkin carving!

As you can see, there are different variations of pumpkins that have been drawn, painted, carved and even just had a sticker applied to them showing the Starbucks siren…

Siren pumpkins

Starbucks pumpkins

And then there is the one I colored on my pumpkin earlier this month…


Speaking of Starbucks Halloween-esque inspirations… a more crafty version can always be seen on Halloween through what else?  Starbucks costumes!   Just look at how cute these little ones are in the green and white…

Starbucks kids costumes

One place that always has a lot of Starbucks inspired crafty items is Etsy.  If you do a search you might just come up with an original work of art that is also reflective of Halloween like this piece by Blankenetizen entitled “La Ejecutiva

La Ejecutiva

Here is a quick sampling of some other Etsy Starbucks inspired pieces

No matter how you celebrated this fall with the changing of the seasons, Halloween, pumpkin patches or creating your own art… I hope you shared it with a Starbucks in hand!


With tomorrow being November 1st, the month known to Americans as a month to celebrate giving thanks, I will be using my second to last month of this year-long challenge to highlight all those partners, customers and supporters that I’ve met for the last 10 months!

It’s my way of giving “Thanks” for all this brand called Starbucks has given me!


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  1. YvesB from Switzerland says:

    Fantastic costume, what a MASTERPIECE !

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