Mid Week MUNCH

The first Mid Week MUNCH for October will be showcasing of course my Starbucks foods of the moment AND the Starbucks Art I’m loving too!

In fact, most all posts will be showcasing art this month, so be prepared for LOTS of inspiration!  So first, all the yumminess this week so far…

Of course, fall means Warm-Your-Tummy-Goodness for me!  And I’ve fallin in love again with Evolution Fresh’s Soups, Simmers and Hot Apple Ciders…

Something new that I wasn’t counting on was trying the Ramon’s Apple-paya smoothie which is this creamy blend of apple juice, papaya, cinnamon, hemp granola, bananas & ginger.  What a fabulous smoothie for fall!  It has that cinnamon-y, apple fall flavor but with a creamy, fullness to it like the Smooth Breakfast they used to have.


I’m definitely getting this smoothie again!

And, I even got the story behind the Ramon’s Smooth.  Apparently, the new Assistant Manager of Bellevue “Ramon” worked down at the Seattle Pike store and one day last year they had a huge case of papaya delivered that they needed to get creative with… QUICK!  So through Ramon’s diligent work to resolve a hurdle (storage space) this obstacle eventually became this beautiful smoothie that we get to enjoy today!

So the moral of the story kids is that you should ALWAYS look at obstacles as opportunities in life!  And that each one could hold a better possibility at the end… kinda like Ramon’s creation.  Because now his name is up on menu boards across the country feeding people natural goodness at Evolution Fresh stores!  Great way #ToBeAPartner Ramon!

So to match this concept of “making obstacles opportunities” I’d like to share the Starbucks art that I’m loving for the moment of which comes from Tokomo Shintani. This brilliant illustrator started incorporating Starbucks cups into her art early on and have become an International success!

Here is a very early version…


That eventually became a fully expanded concept…


I adore the themes of her art!  They are whimsical, childlike innocence, with brands, letters, animals, music & holiday themes.  This “B” was a favorite for bringing The Beatles, their song Blackbird and my classic VW bug into this piece!

But if the upcoming Halloween holiday is your thing, yep!  She has plenty of pumpkins to go around!


Or maybe your celebrating a birthday soon?  Because Tokomo says that everyday is somebody’s birthday after all!


Or one of my favorite pieces is this “E” one because it is after all my FAVORITE letter!


No matter what, if you look through all the art of Tokomo’s Instagram site your bound to find a couple that you like!

What kind of drawings, poetry or art have you created with your Starbucks cup?  Or better yet…. what OPPORTUNITIES do you see on that cup your holding right now?!

Become the next Ramon or Tokomo by taking a new view of your surroundings and create something in the world that you LOVE!  The rest of us could end up thanking you that you did!

Tokomo… here is my paper cutting #PSL artwork in honor of you!  Thanks for making our world a little more creative!


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