Mid Week MUNCH – Tazo

This week I’ve been enjoying Tazo teas… both hot and cold with my Evolution Fresh simmers and/or my Starbucks Evenings.  So, while I’m waiting for the new Tazo/Teavana store to open in University Village… I thought I’d explore what kind of Tazo art is out there in the world?

One of the first art pieces I found this year was a beautifully created Tazo illustration from artist Liyin

Tazo Cartoon

So colorful and fun this piece is!  Plus, it looks like one of my favorite Tazo’s… Brambleberry!

Another piece I had found was that of artist Elena Chudoba

Tazo Tea Bag Sketch

I love Elena’s use of basic black and white to accentuate the design… adding her own little elements to each piece!

This next sketch artist, Faith, has such a beautiful colorful palate to their work, and look at how she utilized a Tazo tea package as a plant container…

Tazo Illustrations in a book

From this piece I decided to branch out of traditional art and show some more creative ways I’ve been seeing Tazo materials used, which stream through Pinterest quite often.

The first is a pretty clever way to hang the discarded tea packets the bags come in… as a Namaste Prayer Flag.  I would love to see if somebody has taken it one step further and put special illustrations, poems or prayers onto each packet?

Tazo bag flag

Another way of using Tazo materials is to make an artistic redesign of the tea tins… this one is from Michelle at Studio B

Tazo Tin redesigned

Then of course, there are the three different pieces of art that I’m creating right now… while I enjoy my Tazo teas!  Can anyone figure out what I’m making?


What art featuring Tazo have you seen around?  Enjoy the rest of your week everyone and send me those Starbucks art ideas!

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