Weekend Wrap Up – Family & Fortunes

This weekend I was fortunate enough to spend it on the sweetest things in life… Family, Art, enjoying the fall season and of course Starbucks!

We had another trip down to the farm the last couple of days, with a road-trip stop at SBC for some much-craved-by-mommy POP!  (yes, I say pop not soda or soda pop)

SBC Pop Sipface

Our SWW adventures always come with some great, old farm truck spotting.  This one I have never seen before in the LC… AND it was Starbucks Siren green!

Our family gathering was so wonderful to talk about recent events, see the kids play and we even had an impromptu photoshoot to get holiday images…

This is my immediate family, I love these small-town farmers, hometown realtors & corporate managers so much!

All our gatherings mean LOTS OF FOOD!  And even though I didn’t make it to drive thru in time to get my tomato & cheese croissant (or my chicken Caesar salad) everybody’s accustomed to me bringing Starbucks by now…

After a great weekend mommy picked up ice cream at the store for dessert and what should I find stuck to my Caramel Macchiato but a fortune?!

Has anybody else had “Fortune Ice Cream” before?!  Either way… I think I’m going to parties a lot in my near future!

We finished the weekend in true fall, Washington state dessert style…

Apple pie a la -AMAZING-mode (the Starbucks version!)

Have a great week everyone!

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