Friday Follow Up – Grateful for Dylan Austin

It would be appropriate that this week I’ve been on an Evolution Fresh juice cleanse, because one of the partners that I’m very grateful for, Dylan Austin, is also a huge fan of the Starbucks brand.

So this week, like I said… pretty much my entire menu has been Evolution Fresh, which I find in a variety of flavors at either PNW based PCC Markets or on a national level at Whole Foods markets.

Just look at all these possible choices!

One of my absolute favorite juices is one you can get in their stores too, it is called Sweet Burn and boy oh boy is it a delicious blend of spicy, sweet goodness!

And yep, this is what my purse looks like everyday…

So, speaking of Evolution Fresh… This week(end) I want to share my appreciation for one of the most influential and sweetest partners I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know this year… Dylan Austin!

Dylan is one of The Five Awesome Baristas who contacted me earlier this year on all the numerous social media feeds we share (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and arranged a Seattle trip in which we shared an entire day of me playing tour guide…

For his youthful age, Dylan has recently (and quickly) taken a new position as a store manager and if there is any partner that SSC should have on their SHORT-LIST to move home to Seattle it is this young go-getter!  Talk about a partner with a “ground-floor-up” story!  I often find his feeds studying successful people, their biographies and in the day-long discussions I got to share with him this summer Dylan and I share the “Upward and Onward” mentality.  So I know I will be friends with this brilliant and energetic young man for quite many years and FULLY expect to see him expanding his life’s successes here in Seattle in the near future!

With a combined love for the siren and her world, this young man will be one of the people I will miss interacting with MOST!  But, you never know… with me taking Evolution Fresh into next years challenge, and Dylan’s appreciation of them too… I feel our paths will cross again someday!

I’ll never forget what an amazing addition to this year you’ve been to me Dylan!  Keep your eyes on this (Seattle) prize because you belong here and Seattle would be better with your energy & enthusiasm for Starbucks and life!


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  1. I would have to totally agree – Dylan has such fantastic enthusiasm! He should be on the short list to go to the ssc – you are right!

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