Thanksgiving – Grateful for Linda Thomas

If you have followed me and my yearly challenges since 2011 when I lived an entire year ONLY shopping at the Goodwill, you would know that from the start Linda Thomas has been there to announce my latest yearly challenge adventure.


Linda has been a long-standing Seattle media personality that believes in the “stories of others” and from the very start, Linda has been talking to and reporting out on many PNW people and all the interesting, good, bad, strange or celebratory stories that unfold in their lives.  I have been interviewed all over the world since my challenges begun and I’ve become acquaintances with a number of media personalities that are lovely people to follow as well…

Jamie Tompkins
Sabra Gertsch
Marco Collins
Marty Reimer
Dale Emanuel

And there are many others in PNW media that are funny, nice and entertaining that I would encourage to find online and hook into their Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feeds!  They often show not-seen-on-TV pictures and MUCH MORE (like Marco Collins is an avid Art Connoisseur) in their personal interactions in the PNW community!

But since this month is about showing my gratitude for those that have been a major component of this Starbucks years challenge, Linda is my lady!  Our PNW media personalities are wonderful people who I have been fortunate enough to get to know as each challenge year comes along and I for one will always be grateful for them ALL, and especially Linda Thomas’s presence in my life.  I will be the first to stand behind her wherever her new media path may lead, Thank you Linda for everything!  And…


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