Weekend Wrap Up – Grateful For Freedom

This weekend we enjoyed some relaxing weekend activities like bubble baths, Evolution Fresh juice parties, Starbucks sandwich-building and some patriotic movies.


Speaking of patriotism… Today is also Veterans Day in America.

A national holiday that honors our military personnel and one that Starbucks has recently made announcements about…

First free coffee for veterans today!


And secondly, the company’s wonderful decision to focus their hiring efforts to include veterans!

All this got me thinking about those military partners that I speak to on Twitter.  There are many, many partners that I am very grateful for on my Twitter feed such as…


But out of all these partners on Twitter, today is an extra-special day of gratitude on my part for @SBUX75DEVILDOG and @sempersue.  Not only am I grateful for each of these partners presence on Twitter this entire year informing, educating, sharing and entertaining me with their Starbucks work and lives but because of partners like @SBUX75DEVILDOG and @sempersueI owe an eternal amount of gratitude for their dedication to our personal freedom as American citizens!

So today, for all those veterans & veterans family members you know give thanks, honor, help or simply maybe Tweet-A-Coffee out of respect for all they have given you.

Maybe your next barista might be someone who not only gives you a latte but also helped give you your freedom!


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