First Marathon Training Session

Kelly Fennelly and I Working Out

Saturday morning was my first training session with Kelly, and boy was it chalked FULL of information and some gonna-feel-it-later workouts!  So let’s get into it.

Getting BMI measured

First of all we did the Fitness Assessment where we took initial stats so I have a base-line to measure against…Kelly took measurements on: body fat, circumference, weight and posture analysis.  Then we moved into the training.

To begin with we did TRX training, chest press (exampled by Kelly in the video), side lateral lunges, triceps extensions, bicep curls, upper back rows, rear shoulder work and reverse lunge.  Then we got into the Resistant Band training with side lateral steps (for activating gluteal muscles) then came the free weight training with planks and compound movement squats including an overhead press with dumbbells.

I am now training 6 days a week and next up is STAIR CLIMB training!  Kelly trains well, I am sore.


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