Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf (or Disc Golf as it is professionally termed) is a huge national passtime for being such a new sport!  The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) is one of the top associations for this activity and has a lot of great links on their site for learning how to golf but also where to go.

I had heard about this sport to add to my Recreational Sports List from a Starbucks partner I met in last year’s challenge, Heather, and since her family enjoys playing it regularly I tried to find a set the last time I was at the Seattle REI flagship store and VOILA!  There was a Disc Golf set all ready to buy and try!

Frisbee Golf set from REI

We decided to try out a local Eastside (of Seattle) course that was supposed to be an easier course since we did this activity as a family, and with the youngest toddler in tow we set out for the Juel Park Disc Golf course…

The afternoon was cold, the course was fun but by the 7th hole my toddler had about enough and was splashing in the massive mini-lakes this wet course offers in the winter months (supposedly different in summer) so we cut our first Frisbee Golf outing down to 9 holes.  But boy oh boy are we going to try this sport a lot more because if you prepare correctly you really can all have a blast playing no matter how different in ages (and skill levels) you are.

Beautiful Existence holding Frisbee Golf set at course

This first time I learned that we will definitely be buying another set of discs (it’s hard just sitting there waiting to get your driver or putter disc back), we will probably be getting some proper golfing attire (like a disc wiping towel and a disc holder bag) and maybe next time we might let out our inner Caddyshack a bit more, especially with all those goofy gofer holes around!  They might make regular golf courses crazy with their protruding mounds but they are kinda-fun obstacles in Frisbee Golf!

 Seventh hole at Frisbee Golf course

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