My Marathon Training

So to start 2014, and my challenge to learn every recreational sport, I am starting off strong with the beginning of my months-long training to complete 6 marathons!  As part of my 80+ list of sports I have a half-marathon, marathon, aquathon, biathon, triathlon and an ultra-marathon to do in the next 12 months and my trainer, Kelly Fennelly, met with me at REI in Redmond, WA to get started!

Always first on my list for any of these sports is to get the materials I need, and since this week started my marathon training, I needed items to run consistently in the Seattle weather which usually includes rain, wind and chilly conditions in the winter and early spring months.

Kelly talked to me about layering my body with a good sports bra as the beginning foundation (more on that subject later), and then add a long sleeved thermal layer like this top Kelly pointed out…
20140102-221238.jpgThen I want to add a light-weight, water proof jacket (preferably a cycling jacket with zip-off sleeves to turn into a vest when weather gets warmer) that I would be able to peel off as I kept running.  Kelly called these type of coats “the money” because they will save you money by their various functionality for multiple sport uses.
20140102-221836.jpg Then, after making my outfit choices (I bought the RIGHT running shoes from Seattle-based Brooks Running at my first REI Seattle Flagship store visit Monday) it was time to get my measurements taken to be able to report results from…

Per my trainers recommendation, I also picked up a new-to-me electrolyte drink at REI… Nuun (the Blueberry Pomegranate) which I LOVED the flavor of!  And, Nuun is based in the PNW and has a LOT of flavors to choose from like Strawberry Lemonade, Tangerine Ginger, Lemon lime and many more that I’m wanting to try this year too.

20140103-160256.jpgNow it’s time to take my new outfit out for a test RUN (literally!)

20140102-222741.jpg Watch this weekend for my first training sessions and you can find out more about my marathon trainer, Kelly Fennelly, on my home page and her affiliated nonprofits and gyms at the links below.

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