Parlez vous parkour?

Last summer, at Luther Burbank Park, my two sons and I came across an outdoor obstacle course and wanted to know more about why it was there.  Since my younger son LOVES to climb and my teenage son is very active too, I looked into this sport and added it to my REI recreational challenge list…parkour.

Parkour Visions

Parkour, is an extreme sport that was developed in the suburbs of Paris in the late 1980’s and now practiced in areas all over the world.  Since this last weekend was a rainy Seattle weekend, we decided to try out this indoor/outdoor sport because we have a parkour indoor gym right here in Seattle, Parkour Visions (  Parkour Visions is a nonprofit dedicated to spreading parkour across the Pacific Northwest, the sport involves overcoming obstacles as swiftly and efficiently as possible using only one’s body.  Participants (called “traceurs”) climb on, leap and flip between buildings, pillars, poles, walls and banisters… basically whatever is in your way.

My son and I had a BLAST at Parkour Visions!  The instructor (Dunkin) was very knowledgeable and cognizant of helping you get the most enjoyment and experience out of your hour, he helped you repeat moves in different ways for difficulty levels and everything from our warm-ups to cool-down exercises (and all the course work in-between) was wonderfully instructed.  We are now looking at booking a birthday party at Parkour Visions because we loved it so much!

Parkour is not only about moving through and around obstacles, but it can also be a serious fitness-training workout.  Parkour Visions is the region’s first indoor gym devoted to parkour and it’s on Queen Anne (1210 W Nickerson Street; 206.923.8864), where the group leads weekly classes for beginners focusing on movements, proper landing techniques and safety and most first classes are FREE!

Once you’ve learned the basics, you can also look at expanding your community by getting in touch with Seattle Parkour( or Washington Parkour (

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