Rock Climbing for Girls

There have been so many wonderful girls-focused sporting groups that I’ve seen lately…. the Pink Helmet Posse, the recent letter of a sport-loving little girl (and her twin sister) to our beloved Seahawks player Derrick Coleman, and of course inspirational stories of female athletes like Traci Barnes that gave up her Olympic seat for her twin sister Lanny.  It seems no matter where I turn lately “Sisters are doing it for themselves” like the Eurythmics said…

Beautiful Existence at Seattle REI Rock Climbing Wall

REI holds women-focused climbing classes, so I decided to ask one of my fearless female friends, Jillian Rafferty, to join me in at the epic Seattle REI indoor rock climbing wall!  Since this store opened I’ve passed by that huge rock climbing wall on I-5 and said to myself “one day”… well my day has finally come and we got our chance to scale this massive icon of PNW outdoor enthusiasm.

Beautiful Existence climbing the Seattle REI Rock Climbing wall

As far as I’m concerned… the rock wall at this store is an REI ICON like the Eiffel Tower is to Paris!  A must try for any PNW native and REI is sporting the true climbing pride with a #12thMan flag at the top for photo ops!

Whether you are a woman or a man (or undefined) definitely try an REI rock climbing class which you can find through their Outdoor School.  I definitely, definitely recommend trying this in your life at least once!


And if my friend Jillian and I haven’t inspired you yet… check out this REI-member, rock climbing momma… Aimee who is climbing at 5 months pregnant!  YOU GO Sister!

OR, if your coupled… guess what?  REI is doing a Climb Your Way to Valentines Day class at many locations that still have open spots.  Yep, rock climbing classes for couples.  Now that is what I call some kinda love ACTION!


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