The Juicy Details

So this weekend I have the first of many weekends were I am taking on TWO sports (in addition to my 6 day a week athletic training) so I can keep up on my growing Recreational Sports list!  And to prep for this active list, I decided to go back to my Starbucks roots with their Evolution Fresh line and take on a 2-day (cold pressed) Juice Ritual to get me ready!

I did an Evolution Fresh Juice Ritual twice last year during my Starbucks challenge and it was a great way to create a baseline that helped me move forward with my next adventures. I figured since my 2014 challenge is a pretty vigorous challenge, I knew taking on another juice ritual would give me that baseline full of nutrients, minerals, enzymes and vitamins that I wanted to lead my year off with right!  (besides, I’ve eaten all those yummy items I didn’t get to have in 2013 for the last couple of weeks, so this was a good time to start Evolution FRESH again!)

Evolution Fresh Juice Ritual packs

Both times I did my ritual last year, I created my own juice pack and I added Starbucks foods to the 2-3 day menu (vegetables mostly, some nuts here and there) so this time I decided to reduce the ritual to two days and go full-on juice ONLY and drink plenty of water along the way!   Not only was I dedicated to two days of only juice, this time I enrolled my fiancé, Dante, to also take on the ritual with me so we could chart our progress together!  We started our juice ritual off at the University Village Evolution Fresh on Tuesday evening since I was already there shooting a video.  Evolution Fresh gifted both Dante and I the 2-day ritual, so we picked up a variety of their juice ritual packs (of which there are usually 3 pre-made packs to choose from at the Evolution Fresh stores)…

Evolution Fresh juice ritual

  1. The EASY juice ritual pack is made up of the essential greens, sweet greens, essential vegetable and some cucumber pineapple ginger bottles.  This is a great pack for exactly what it says, “easing” your way into a ritual.  It gives you the greens you need during your ritual but brings a bit more variety with the vegetable and fruit additions. With each ritual, comes a “tips and tricks” booklet that really has some great pointers, especially for beginners, so do read your ritual booklet or better yet… ask your Evolution Fresh partner their thoughts on ways to help your ritual, ESPECIALLY if it is your first time!
  2. Next is their BALANCED pack which is made up of those essential greens, sweet greens, essential vegetable and spicy lemonade bottles again, but this pack leaves out the cucumber pineapple ginger option.  If you have done juice cleanses or detoxes before, this pack will be a bit more your speed which is why I picked up two of them for us.
  3. Then comes the GREENS pack, this is the uber juice ritual pack for experienced juicers that holds the essential greens, sweet greens and spicy lemonade in its packaging only.  This ritual has no extra fruits or vegetable flavors, it is made for the serious go-getters that really want to set that baseline for the GREEN light!  But, as serious as this pack is don’t let it fool you… when you finish your ritual, the more greens you take in the greater advantage you have given your body to have that GREEN light, so don’t shy away from this option but instead take on the challenge!

Okay, now that we have a break down of the pre-made packs that Evolution Fresh offers (and of course you can create your own if you would like) let’s get into the results for this couple’s 2-day ritual…

Day One: Dante and I made a fun game out of our ritual and encouraged each other all day long via Twitter and texting our latest Evolution Fresh(ies) juice choices, sharing our opinions on the amounts of sweetness or tanginess in each bottle, making observations in our energy levels and just kind of joking around with each other.

Texting about Evolution Fresh

And more Evolution Fresh(ies) for encouragement…

Texting about Evolution Fresh

We did notice by the first evening that we both wanted a banana blended up in our cucumber pineapple ginger bottles so we went for it.  And after my hour-long workout session with my trainer and Dante setting up my new bike trainer for me, we both decided to do what the ritual booklet said and make sure we got a lot of rest so we chilled out and watched a movie with the boys.

Day Two: We both woke up with not as much energy but it didn’t take long to get it again, pretty much minutes after a glass of water and another Evolution Fresh juice!  The second day was busy for me, both a bike training in the morning…

bike training with Evolution Fresh

Another fast-walk in the evening…and of course lots of fun with encouraging texts between us to complete our second day.

Our “couple” juice ritual went really well, we both feel good, we encouraged each other along the way and just by adding a couple of bananas it got me through two days of intense working out… one with my trainer on TRX, and the second at home with fast-walking, weights and biking.

 Texting about Evolution FreshThis is the 3rd day, and we both woke up rested, energetic and I’m writing this post about to go out for another 3+ mile training.  If you are training (or not), I would recommend trying an Evolution Fresh juice ritual today!  And if you want to encourage significant others, friends or family to join in all the better.  There is a LOT of fun and encouragement to be had by doing Evolution Fresh(ies) throughout your day we found….and those are all the juicy details!

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