Tower Training

This week I started my first tower climb training with Kelly.  For those of you that do not know what “Tower Running” is on my REI Recreational Sport List it is basically “a sport which involves running up tall man-made structures. Usually the races take place on the internal staircases of skyscrapers but the term can cover any foot race which involves a course that ascends a man-made structure”.   A lot of fundraising runs (Fun Runs) are around the concept of Tower running and since I’m training to get this checked off my list, we had to start at the bottom and literally work our way UP!


At first I looked at the sign that said 28 floors and thought “oh no way I’m doing all those today!” but actually the first set of 28 floors wasn’t that hard, it was the SECOND SET that went over the top for my first training.  But, as you will see… we did it!  And thanks to my trainer Kelly who went with me all the way, what an amazing burst of confidence she gives you at every floor just when you need it!

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