Snowboard All Aboard!

I have wanted to try Snowboarding since it started to gain popularity in the early 1990’s.  I would often see the boards, the colorful (and very stylish) fashions and wish I would be taking the time to learn this sport.  I lived in Colorado for over 6 years and every time I took my oldest for a lesson at Breckenridge, Vail or (my favorite resort) Copper Mountain, I would often go off and work on my laptop in the lodge with a hot toddy; or occasionally I would take an ice skating day for myself but never did I learn to ski or snowboard.

Well it is now years later and because of my REI challenge to learn every recreational sport I can now try snowboarding!  I have watched the local weather and snow reports and snowboarding videos for weeks and finally I decided that this last weekend was going to be my fresh powder weekend to get it done.

Redmond REI Beautiful Existence renting snowboard

I prepared by renting my oldest son’s and my snowboards at the Redmond REI, both sets of boots, boards and bindings were only around $80 so that was a deal.  But by the time you find the rest of your gear, get your lift passes and lessons no wonder more people don’t take up this sport.  Out of my list of sports this has been the most expensive sport thus far so boy am I glad Redmond REI rents this equipment.  I cannot imagine buying everything only to find out you don’t like it or don’t get to do it very often, if your not sure definitely rent.

But with a clear vision in my mind of freshly powdered slopes we drove up to Snoqualmie pass and headed out to learn to snowboard.  I left the “instructions” to my oldest who had years of lessons at top Colorado resorts, and he did help me get started but I also added a regular snowboarding newbie diet of watching the other instructors, the memories of the videos and my self-driven gumption thrown in… I had an entire afternoon getting the hang of this sport.

Evolution Fresh with Ivars Clam Chowder and my GoPro video editing at lunch

Come lunch time boy was I happy to have packed my Evolution Fresh juices, and that the lodge served Ivars Clam Chowder!  I also was happy to play with my new GoPro touch screen which allows you to playback all the footage so I could go back out with a clear idea of what other video we wanted to get.

Beautiful Existence and son with snowboards

What I will say is that even though I will try snowboarding a couple more times, I’m not sure in the long run if I am going to like it.  There is something about locking both your feet into a board that even after you realize it won’t kill you still doesn’t feel quite right.  I guess after getting used to cross-country skiing, I’m kinda used to having poles to fall back on for balance.  But BOY OH BOY does snowboarding give you a work out!

It’s been days since I came back down from the mountain where I roughly spent around 4 hours snowboarding and I am still feeling it!  I discovered muscles in places I never knew existed, and this is after two months of professional training for marathons.  I know I will get back on that board again and go further, faster and better than I did my first time; but for now I’m looking forward to my first down-hill skiing adventure (and getting to use poles again!)

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