Sporting An Injury

Yes, you read that title right… I am now not only completing 80+ recreational sports (and at least 6 marathons) this year, but now I’m doing it with an injury!

One week into January I started experiencing tenderness, then pain in both of my heels.  I had felt a brief shooting pain last fall while running but didn’t think much about it because it never stayed; but after a week of training 2 miles everyday by the 10th day I was legitimately in pain.  So I did some research and figured out that it possibly was Plantar fasciitis, but wasn’t sure.  After talking to my trainer, I started icing, stretching and half walking/half jogging as part of my training but symptoms didn’t get better so after two weeks I went into urgent care who then referred me to a Sports-medicine Podiatrist.

Bone Spur in Heel Xray

As this X-ray shows, I have bone spurs in both heels and I thought they were creating my Plantar fasciitis but oddly enough my Podiatrist said no, the Plantar Fasciitis gave me the bone spurs, OUCH!  Apparently all those years of dance, walking in heels and running in the wrong shoes on pavement didn’t help me any because now I have a real issue that needs healing for the next couple of months; healing that needs to be done before I can get back on a vigorous marathon training plan.

Professional Plantar Faciitus Taping

So for now I am constantly icing, stretching, taping and wearing inserts all the time!  I have been given the green light to continue with a mild training schedule by both the Podiatrist and trainer but in a different way than I originally had planned.  I not only have to alter my marathon training and bump back my event schedule so my feet can heal but boy have I found out a lot more about sport-related injuries!

I have found that when I talk to runners and read running posts or articles that this injury is pretty common; so in a way I am already feeling more like an athlete.  It’s never a good thing to have injuries, but the better news is that there are many ways to prepare yourself against developing bone spurs or Plantar fasciitis.  Of course I’m not a medical provider or professional trainer, but the videos and links that I have listed below are similar to the ways my professionals recommended me to heal my injuries or avoid them in the first place; and any information you can learn before possibly suffering an injury the better.  I wish I had known these tips before I started training, that is for sure!

No worries though, the same inserts that my Podiatrist’s office carried, SuperFeet, are the same inserts that REI has as well… so you can certainly find your size (usually you need to trim them to exact foot size) for those new Brooks shoes your picking up.

SmartFeet inserts with my new Brooks running shoes

With the Olympics in full-swing, I often find myself watching the sports now not only for the performance and medal ranking, but for the injuries previous to or during the events.  I have found it allows me to have a deeper appreciation of their athletic perseverance and dedication, especially now that I know what it’s like to sport an injury.

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