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These past two weeks have definitely been a Seattle spring… sunny days of 60 degree weather, then warmer but overcast and then on the day we go out Geocaching for the first time with friends, torrential downpours!

But, it is one of the lovely aspects of Seattle and why we are so green, lush and surrounded by precious water.  Besides, our Geocaching trip was at the Washington Park Arboretum, a PERFECT place to experience an authentic PNW spring while treasure hunting!

One of the items I would suggest learning about prior to Geocaching is to attend a Map & Compass class such as the one’s REI often holds…

Compass on Map

You will learn many things about both maps and compasses, from how to read the maps to why maps were originally designed and then exploring all sorts of compasses, their attributes and how to use the two so you can triangulate, find spots, find others and know how search and rescue will communicate with you if lost.

From there, with a compass, your Geocaching map and adventures in front of you…your adventures are ready to get started!

Geocaching at Seattle Arboretum with REI

As you can see in the video, the Washington Park Arboretum is a beautiful area to Geocache because there were many to treasures to find in one area which made it easier and engaging for our kids.  I chose to get some REI stickers and a key-chain compass/thermometer to leave as gifts.  So if you’re in the mood to Geocache, you might want to go try to find one of these spots and score yourself a great gift!

first Geocache box found at Seattle Arboretum

My oldest found the first Geocache box, which was big enough to spot pretty easy, and boy could this container hold a great many items to exchange.  But the box was pretty damp inside and even though the notebook was in a Ziploc bag, it was still so damp that we couldn’t really write on it.

second geocache found at Seattle Arboretum

Our friend, Kolton found the third Geocache, which was pretty airtight and the paper inside was better to write on… I noticed quickly by finding these different “containers” what kind of Geocache I would want to create to make sure adventurers could exchange many items, to keep our notebook dry, etc.  I started thinking about making a Geocache for our family most of the rest of our afternoon.

Littlest one finds the fourth geocache in Seattle Arboretum

My littlest found our fourth and last Geocache of the day, this was the smallest Geocache of them all and you really couldn’t leave anything in the container even though it was water tight… but I was able to leave an REI sticker, so stickers are a winning item to bring it seems especially for the variety of Geocaches you could find!  And as you can see in this picture, by the time we were at our last Geocache we were WET!  Indeed, it had poured all afternoon but we didn’t let that dampen our adventures but we all were ready to go get some hot soup and warm, dry clothes on!

The entire afternoon was truly a fun one, filled with plenty of active outdoor engagement for all ages, with adults reading the maps and compasses, older children using their on-the-ground skills to find specific markers and even the youngest choosing items to exchange and lots and lots of puddle jumping!  Geocaching is definitely a great adventure that I would definitely encourage people to try!

After our afternoon was over, we started planning our own Geocache for others to find.  We first went onto to read all about how to make and submit your Geocache for review and publishing

Then we got to work locating a spot and making our Geocache to review/publish.  We filled out the form and VOILA!  It’s as easy as 1… 2…. 3…

Geocache container items

For those that might be interested in finding our Geocache, we made our Geocache family/kid focused and did what was recommended by placing it in a spot that is easily accessible to check and manage our Geocache.  Once our Geocache is reviewed and published you will find it easy to differentiate because it is a Lego inspired Geocache with requests to keep the exchanges that way.

Looking at our first Geocache

So for all those current and future adventurers out there GOOD LUCK in finding your next treasures!

I have two more related recreational sports to do along the lines of Geocaching, Letterboxing and Orienteering.  Watch for more fun outdoor adventures coming up soon.

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