Bring Ink!

This spring break around the Seattle area has been simply AMAZING!  Sunshine on glorious levels everyday, so my youngest and I decided to go Letterboxing and discover Discovery Park in Magnolia.


We started out in the afternoon after finding three different Letterbox sites at Discovery Park.  The first two were “family friendly” and if you park in the north parking lot can get to all three listed on the Letterboxing North America site.  The third site we found after a hike but we could not find the box at all, which makes me think it is missing or was taken.


I did not need to use my compass reading skills for Letterboxing like I did for Geocaching and it was really fun seeing the different dates and visitors to each site.  The one thing I wasn’t expecting was that you need to BRING ink for the stamps so I ended up having to be creative and using one of the best stamps we all have…. our lips!  And since my lipstick marks are kind of a personal stamp that I’ve used for years, it was really fitting.  Besides, lipstick makes a great ink substitute, just make sure you wipe the stamp and your lipstick clean before and after!


Of course, one of the biggest enjoyments to any Letterboxing adventure is spending time in nature exploring and taking in the scenery, all of which my youngest and I were experiencing for the first time since we had never been to Discovery Park before.


The trails and paths are wonderfully maintained and the wildlife (we came across some bird watchers while there) and nature are just absolutely breathtaking on a sunny day for sure.  We even made it close to the water and had the views, smells and sounds of the Puget Sound at the third (but possibly not valid) Letterboxing site.

Over all I would recommend this sport if your already going to a larger park, they probably have sites listed on Letterboxing North America.  But I found Geocaching much more enjoyable making you try to use your compass and map reading skills instead of just following directions; as well as being able to exchange an item that is more like a treasure (especially to younger children) than just a stamp.


We have a couple more similar-type sports with one of them being under water?!!  Stay tuned because orienteering isn’t the only thing going under water soon… I’m set up to learn over 5 sports in one day with professional National-level swim coach Kyle Johnson of Project KJ SOON!

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