Where the Zombies at?

Well, it is officially fall and that means Halloween is coming soon!  I love this holiday since I have always made my own unique costumes (last year’s Starbucks Siren costume was a hit) and while I’m hard at work scheduling all of my end-of-year recreational sports; Halloween preparations are daily on my mind.  I’m not offering up any hints other than this years costume is directly influenced by REI’s outdoor committment and I cannot wait to show everybody with a couple of store visits that day… I will keep everybody posted via my social media accounts… Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

And while I’m in full #Fall and #Halloween mode, so is REI… keeping the blend of both outdoor stewardship and the holidays in mind with classes such as the one I just attended at the Seattle REI flagship store, How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse!  Now I’ve worked with FEMA for a couple of years helping design disaster preparedness plans for Seattle nonprofits, so preparedness is a topic close to home for me and with REI’s many ways to help people be prepared (and adding a little Halloween humor) they made this class fun, educating and thoroughly enjoyable!

First we learned exactly what you we are up against with a Zombie, a nice segway into knowing your monsters…

REI Zombie Apocalypse Class

Next was to understand which talents, gifts and natural abilities you personally have to fight Zombies (or survive an apocalypse) mine was definitely my FEMA training!

image of Zombie Apocalypse class Seattle disaster plan

Finally we learned what essentials to have for surviving almost anything… (BioLite I LOVE you!)

Image of BioLite outdoor survival stove

And just to keep up with the Halloween and Zombie Apocalypse (AKA Emergency Preparedness) REI has cleverly included some goodies on their website, like  Zombie Apocalypse masks 

Zombie Family masks from REI

REI Zombie by the REI Seattle store sign

or maybe try printing out their Zombie office desk decorations for your Halloween cubical (or make a rockin Zombie stop animation video!)

You gotta LOVE a brand that has your back AND has a sense of humor! Definitely some #REILove in my household going on this haunted season.

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