Holidays Are Here Again

Well, it’s Thanksgiving and that means one thing after the feast…. Holiday shopping!  Throughout this year my boys and I have purchased (or been gifted) many, many wonderful products and services from REI that have helped us all explore sports and/or the outdoors better. So at this gifting time of year (even pet or self-gifting applies) many of your favorite and trusted brands are excellent ways to show others you care and get those minds focused on the outdoors too.

In preparation for the Thanksgiving weekend (and THANKS to REI for being a retailer who cares about its community by being closed on Thanksgiving!) here is a great Black Friday Survival 101 info-graphic for your upcoming holiday adventures….

REI Black Friday Survival 101 infographic


With the holidays in full swing…. let’s get into some of the items that you can find at REI to stock your stockings with, box up under your trees or buy for office parties and wish lists (which REI has options to fill out Wish Lists online too!) that we have tried or are planning to buy.

The first gifts that we have purchased and getting to know this year through REI are their Toys and Games, especially an environmental series called Green Creativity (by 4M). We have made a robot out of a recycled pop can and our favorite holiday family activity lately, taking mommy’s recycled paper products and making a holiday wreath for our Charlie Brown Holiday tree from their Recycled Paper Beads creator!


The environmental gift giving for kids also extends out with other presents like a Tin Can Cable Car that’s pretty cool to make or maybe you have a future meteorologist that would love their Weather Science Kit?! Earlier this year my youngest became obsessed with finding things on our hikes, and desperately wanted the Carson Adventure Pack which he still uses even around the house and “plan our next camping excursion”… definitely our pick of a must have present for those little explorers on your mind! And when it comes to games, we’ve enjoyed the game we purchased for my youngest’s camping birthday party, Pass the Pigs, so much that we are purchasing the National Parks versions of Monopoly and Yahtzee for our holiday season.

Any of these gifts are sure to get those little ones minds thinking about the outdoors and what better gift could you give than that of the earth’s beauty and majesty in the minds of the future!

~ Happy Holidays everybody ~

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