Everybody Starts Somewhere

As you can see in the #WeekendRewind video… #AnInstrumentADay has started at the beginning, with kids instruments, because everybody has to start somewhere!

For the next two months, I will be looking at all the kinds of baby, toddler and kids music making instruments, classes, concerts and experiences I can find and of course wrapping those great Sub Pop kids into the mix.  Like did you know there are quite a few Sub Pop musicians that have or are now playing in kids bands? Not to mention how deep the ties to Sub Pop go in the local kids music scene. So follow my social media dailies on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, PHHHoto, Vine or Google + to keep updated.

The first concert I found in this kids Sub Pop music genre is a group that is a part of the local favorite Kindiependent Seattle music scene… The Not It’s. Not only do The Not It’s entertain with their awesome silliness for all ages but their lead singer, Sarah Shannon, used to be in the Sub Pop band Velocity Girl.  Or another Kindipendent band, Brian Vogan & His Good Buddies, their producer, Barrett Jones, not only produced Nirvana but like a TON of other Sub Pop bands!

Oh yeah, for those that haven’t realized yet just how flippin RAD the Seattle music scene is for us lucky #BestCoast-ers…. well there you have it, ALL our citizens basically grow up with rockstars in our eyes. Maybe it’s in our luscious Puget Sound water, maybe it’s because the Hipster nation has just always been THAT cool, or maybe it’s because we have one of the best Loser music labels in the WORLD! Whatever you associate with the reason for the massive production of amazing music from this region, rad jams are ALWAYS in season in the PNW and everybody has to start somewhere, so why not be a Sub Pop kid too?

A childhood Loser never looked so good!

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