I Am A Loser

Well there you have it, I am officially calling myself a Loser for all of 2015!

Yes, you might think I’m referring to the never-ending news reports about how odd my name is, the numerous trolls that like to slam my year of living Starbucks (I’d like to see YOUR NAME Internationally known!), or you might even think that my Loser-ness is attributed to my anti-fashionista wearing of “far too many scarves” according to that social-icon Perez Hilton?

Nope. My Loser-esqueness is a self-proclaimed moniker from that Seattle Music label legend Sub Pop Recordsand if you knew your Seattle music, then you would be a Loser too.

Sub Pop Seattle Header image

Welcome to the New Year of 2015 and welcome to my year-long challenge of “An Instrument A Day” by living the Sub Pop brand!

This years brand and challenge was inspired two-fold by my new friend, Fastbacks guitarist Lulu Gargiulo, and because I grew up in the 90’s of Seattle partying with quite a few of our famous grunge-band rockers at my friends bar, the RKCNDY.

This year of rock concerts, amassing my first record collection, countless songs and bands and downloads and videos for a full 365 will also include “An Instrument A Day” where I hope to help provide additional exposure to the gift of music. I could literally not be any happier to not only integrate as many Sub Pop musicians, materials, instruments and community members into my family’s lives for a year but to also open up the door on trying to produce a musical sound on an instrument a day, practiced or not, traditional or not, this is my biggest challenge yet!

So mark your Loser calendars kids… this one is for the history books.

Follow my year’s challenge, get to know the Sub Pop brand with me and watch all my social media feeds for “An Instrument A Day” dailies on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, PHHHoto, Vine, Google + , Ello or Vimeo and share, like, comment, cringe, laugh, listen and LOVE the experience I’m sharing that helps make it a beautiful existence everyday…. music!

I am going to LOVE being a LOSER all year long… Welcome to my world Sub Pop!

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