Love You Hate You

Well January is already in the books and I’m into my second month of my #AnInstrumentADay challenge by living the Sub Pop Records brand; what a lead up to Valentines Day it’s been!  I’ve been having fun getting into all the different types of children’s instruments and started booking for the rest of the year with adult instruments at places like MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) in Phoenix, private sessions with rock musicians, talks with huge marching bands and plenty of foreign instruments as well.

I’ve also been really LUVIN the heck outta the Sub Pop social media mavericks and mavens online, going to Sub Pop concerts, frequenting record stores, reading and watching movies about Sub Pop‘s history and even looking up all the old Seattle media (the Rocket!) for the last 35 years to get caught up with this brands history. I’m especially enamored with getting to know the music junkies, the die-hard Sub Pop lovers that will live and breathe music long after my year with them is gone. To instill this type of long-term LOVE for music with my boys, I decided to buy a KEXP tile in their honor for Valentines Day.

As I’m finding out, the backbone of this community are all the Sub Pop music lovers and all their tireless nights at concerts, record store sorting, listening to every band, note, key and lyric made and reading or writing yet another review because of their pure HEART for music! This community is rich on so many levels of humanity that I’m blown away at the intensity of it all and I’m only on month two! PASSION is the descriptor of the music world for sure.

Sub Pop‘s been feeling the LOVE apparently too with their own version of a Valentines Day “Love U, Hate U” track online which rips at your ears and heartstrings at the same time. Also, besides all their Twitter love between bands and fans this week (seriously, you all need to get a ROOM or BAN some squeaky wheels!) they also timed their FREAKIN FAB release of the Father John Misty I Love You Honeybear with amazing art in the deluxe edition, an 80’s mix tape (super dope!) and probably one of my favorite fashion purchases lately… a true FJM #fandom cover-art sweatshirt. Oh, yeah baby… you KNOW I bought that shiz for REALZ!

So with this month being for lovers I speak to all those music lovers out there that have gone before me and for all those aspiring ones that will come after….keep on, keeping on with your love of Sub Pop man, LOVE me or Hate me…. I’m stuck on you like glue for a WHOLE YEAR and I’m quickly falling for (most) of you too 😉

Happy Valentines Day Losers!

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