Weekend Kids Rewind

When I started out playing kids musical instruments back in January, never did I imagine I’d have so many youth-based instruments that it would take me all the way into mid March!

But, as my recent adventure to MIM (the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix) proved…. our world is FULL of thousands of musical instruments, so showcasing two or three months of just children-based ones is nothing in the grand landscape of our world of music!


So, I’ve acquired some of these children’s musical instruments with much help from Seattle Goodwill (#TBT to my 2011 challenge) and other local musical favorites like Dusty Strings and I’ve also been having a BLAST incorporating Sub Pop and Seattle into the recorded backgrounds! For most of the first two 1/2 months worth of videos you will see some well-known parts of Seattle like Pike Place Market, the Fremont Troll and the Space Needle but I also threw in some lesser known highlights around the city like the Capital Hill graveyard, the ID (Seattle’s International District to out-of-towners) and to add Sub Pop into the mix, the new wall mural at Vain (for us true Seattleites the old Vogue and for those new Seattlites where you can get your armpits dyed) that has multiple references to our iconic Sub Pop centered music scene.  Check out all my social media channels, see the mural image above and watch the Weekend Kids Rewind video to see how many places and references you can find!

As you can imagine, over 65+ children’s instruments is quite a great start to #AnInstrumentADay year and I cannot WAIT to see what the rest of this year holds once the Year Rewind comes about on December 31st!  Next stop…. #SXSW FINALLY!

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