Record Store Day Rewind

At the beginning of living this year of music brand, Sub Pop, little did I know where this community would take me; but only 4 months into an entire year of music and I have already learned so much! The latest is a new concept to me called Record Store Day which happened this past Saturday, April 18th.

I might have been a Record Store Day (RSD) virgin but standing in line isn’t my first rodeo. Back in 2011 with my first challenge Living The Goodwill Life, I got in line right after closing the night before (10pm) to make sure I was the first to get all the great Glitter Gala items. The tactic worked, so when RSD came around I knew to secure the Sub Pop vinyl choices I wanted (Father John Misty & Koes Barat) and one of my favorite artists, Brian Eno, I was going to have to go big again. This time I hit the store 2 hours after it closed (midnight) and secured my #1 spot again at Everyday Music on Capitol Hill.

The night and early morning was filled with the urbanism of a city such as ours … the stumbling, drunkards under watchful police eyes of closing bars, the sunrise smells of bakery business, the nonsensical mumblings of our line-mates sleep deprived brains. We waited for hours that seemed to rush by, then with less than 30 minutes the clock ticked by slower than ever.  In these last minutes of waiting Everyday Music came out with a list asking the first 10 people in line to list their top five choices. We made our selections, and waiting till the last moments VOILA! the doors opened and those first in line were gifted such blessings of the vinyl choices they desired!

Just as I was about ready to leave, the store staff bestowed not only my vinyl choices unto me, but then I was given a sweet swag-bag full of extra goodies and then, much to my surprise, I was awarded the Dogfish Head Ale Crosley portable turn-table from a store giveaway!

All in all, I left my first Record Store Day with such a memorable, fantastic journey heightened by the sense of the music community, the street-scenes of our beloved Seattle and many glorious gifts, you can watch more about the morning HERE.

The moral of this adventure… The Early Bird Gets the Vinyl and the Music will Play Forever!

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