MidSummer Music Dreams

It’s now August and the summer concert series is in a midsummer peak…

Living a year of the Sub Pop music brand brings a heightened awareness of just how many concerts one can attend in a year; most of which revolve around the summer out-of-school months, and this summer of 2015 is no different.

First of all, before I get into all the Sub Pop and Hardly Art concerts, let me begin with how I prepared for this summer by turning my #AnInstrumentADay challenge towards the Rock N’ Roll lifestyle with guitars, bass, pedals and synthesizers with real Rock N’ Roll musicians like Andrew Butler from Motopony. Of course I’d love to have another Sub Pop or a Hardly Art musician step up and teach me about my upcoming instruments like horns or even winds (you know where to reach me PR reps) but I understand those tour schedules keep you pretty busy.  😉


I started my Sub Pop summer concert series with the PRIDE picnic where S (Jenn Ghetto) played and then moved into local concerts like the Neumos Sub Pop tribute concert and then the bigger concert series of the summer at Timber! which is an amazing outdoor camping festival. I mentioned Timber! last year when I was living the REI brand (because REI holds free Mountain Bike, SUP and Kayaking during the festival) and the fact that the Timber! campfire stage is one of the most special, intimate concert venues you will ever find. It is simply a magical place in the middle of the forest with the stars shining above a small stage with a hundred of your closest friends on lawn chairs, or hammocks experiencing one-of-a-kind music together.  Last year was pretty hard to top with Damien Jurado headlining the campfire stage so this year when Timber! announced The Head & The Heart at the campfire stage my soul jumped for JOY!  I knew such amazing Sub Pop musicians in this intimate setting was going to be one of the pinnacles of my summer, and it was. I opted to not see a couple of main stage acts and instead watched Josiah, Jonathan and Charity do sound check and then onto the show….

Let me tell you, there is nothing more serene than being surrounded by three talented musicians in the middle of the woods as the crispness of the night falls upon you, the smells of pine surround you and the soft gentle sounds drift into your ears from the stage. Even the most gifted writers will be left without the words that fully express what happens at the campfire stage for people. If you have not added the Timber! campfire stage to your concert bucket list I highly suggest you forgo the crowded, messier and less memorable concerts and make sure you attend it once in your life…. you will be profoundly glad you did!

As I drafted this post the Capitol Hill Block party (#CHBP) was going on, but I’ve found after years of attending concerts like the original Lollapalooza and the iconic Ibiza, those same ginormous-over-capacity concerts are actually pretty boring now.  One of the benefits of growing wiser is that you prefer to pay the money or wait for the proper place to see the musician(s) in an environment that seems magical.  Because of my learned concert-going wisdom, I opted out of attending the #CHBP and spent my ticket price instead for the KEXP Father John Misty fundraiser at the Columbia City Theater the day after the #CHBP main stage show.

Wise choice indeed!  The FJM KEXP concert was totally #WINNING between the lush red, velvet backdrop of the stage mixed with #FJM‘s wit and on-point musical-mastery and a crowd full of quiet intensity…. yep, it was pure joy to witness first hand in the intimacy of the Columbia City Theater instead of the rain-soaked, beer-spilled streets other venues offer.  Sorry concert promoters, but I’m telling you the truth that intimate concerts are where it’s at, so take a cue from the Seattle Secret Shows because being able to see, hear and even interact with the musicians is the experience we concert-goers deserve and demand now. If I was you, I’d plan our concert-attending futures accordingly.

It is not quite fall yet, and I still have quite a few concerts to catch before my Sub Pop year is over (PLEASE release a tour Washed Out!) but before that happens, I know whatever bands I purchase tickets to see that I will seek out smaller, intimate concerts and I recommend you look for them too. I mean really… who doesn’t want a Sub Pop musical memory that will last forever?  I know I did and I’ve been receiving them all summer long in the most intimate, midsummer-dreamlike places a concert-goer could wish for!  #BringOnTheFall

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