From Selfies to Footies


For the last week, I have shot images in preparation for my year-long challenge of living the Converse brand in 2016 and started to realize how different it is to be shooting your feet when you are so used to shooting selfies with goodies from Goodwill (2012) or a Starbucks drink (2013) or one of the 365 musical instruments I played for my Sub Pop (2015) #AnInstrumentADay challenge. All of the sudden I realized, WOW! 2016 is all about footies not selfies, this is going to be interesting.

It’s amazing how my perspective changes every year with every new brand and every new community… it’s literally a new view of life I take on every 365 days! Now into my sixth year of brand blogging, I already realize how different this year is going to be with Converse…. feet and all!

Welcome to For 1 Year of My Life, welcome to what it looks like to live a brand and the community around it (and often a challenge to go with it) for 365 days. Stay for a while, catch me on one of my social media platforms where I post things everyday and of course come back here for all the juicy-bits of life’s goodness when I pull the socks off Converse in 2016 for a real-life #Seattle mom and her family!

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