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So I’m one month into my #365Converse challenge and I’ve already learned SO MUCH about this brand!  First of all, this might come as a shock to all my Starbucks fans out there but Converse might be BIGGER than the siren?!!  I know, I know, how could you say such sacrilege! Even though Starbucks revenue was twice as much as Converse in 2015, you would be hard-pressed to tell through the social sites just WHO commands more brand loyalty because of how much they both are loved in the world!  All I can tell you is this…. after 5 years of living brands and developing a brand “instinct”, if I’m picking up Converse this intensely only a month into my year, you KNOW the force is gonna be strong in this one!

So let me expand on what I’ve learned to show you why I’m already getting this impression…

First of all, Converse is not just Chucks, oh no, it’s SO MUCH MORE than the iconic Chuck Taylor’s that made this 100-year-old brand stick in the hearts & minds of so many! Chuck Taylor’s (Chucks as they are so often proclaimed) were the basketball shoe forever, then went mainstream and now have multiple pieces of society proclaiming their undying affection to this one part of the brand now. Pieces of the Universe like: wedding parties & couples… there are so MANY offshoot businesses that make flower girl, bridal party or bride & groom custom Chucks that it is an industry of it’s own! And then you have the workout and weightlifting fans which I still haven’t quite figured out where their obsession with showing their lifts in Chucks comes from? But whatever, I’ve officially joined the ranks of Chuck InstaFans showcasing their latest muscles with Converse coloring their feet. And I have to tell you that I feel quite legit at the gym now, and that confidence pushes another 10 pounds on average so I’m good with that. Go Chucks!

Besides these two very extensive areas of Chuck fandom there is also the regular tens of thousands of posts, reposts and retweets of the fashion enthusiasts and their ever-popular universe rocking Chucks in the “Dress of the Day” posts. I have found that some of the fashionista subsets are: Guns & Chucks (why do gun lovers obsess over two of my favorite brands? I swear I’m missing something in the gun culture because both my Starbucks and Converse splash all over the accounts of every hipster-holster wearer in America! I mean what gives?), or the musicians who wear Chucks like iconic Kurt Cobain or David Bowie, for whom Converse now supports the artistry in both footwear and with their Rubber Tracks recording studio sessions and concerts. And then we drop down to the fashion sub-sub-sets like the “Pups & Chucks” or the “Cats and Chucks” or the totally ADORBS but much rarer “Bunnies and Chucks”. Yes, Chuck Taylor’s have come a long way baby into the sections of International culture that far surpass the first basketball circles they grew up in.

But Converse didn’t stop there, there are many other types of Converse from the one-stars they produced with Target, to their RED line to the higher end John Varvatos designs.  Two other very distinct brands that have communities surrounding them that often do not cross into Chucks territory, CONS and Jack Purcell’s (or JP’s). Both of these brands hold their own in this vast Universe of footwear I just stepped into, figuratively and quite literally and here is why…

CONS were made for the skateboarding crowd which I’ve bought for years with my oldest son’s skating lifestyle and then with my desire to learn to shred starting in 2014. This CONS culture of skateboarding is big stuff in South America let me tell you! It seems every South American country has their own official Converse account and each promotes various styles and skateboarding events, skaters and some headquarters content. It’s definitely a thing down south of the equator!

Another Converse brand that has its own fan base is Jack Purcell’s which has been brought into the higher-end fashion crowds and paired with luxury cars, watches, handbags and even pilots in all the top fashion cultures like Tokyo and Dubai. They often pair their JP’s under the general “Converse” moniker but the legitimacy is just as set in the minds of the élite the same way a red bottom heel would be on the other foot! I haven’t noticed Parisians taking as fondly to JP’s as other American brands, but the French are often picky with the coffee Siren too, so I’ll just chalk it up to being a French thing.

So there you have it, just SOME of the amazing amounts of International LOVE this brand’s reach has in this world and beyond! I now welcome February, the month of LOVE, into my #365Converse challenge with an expansion of colors & designs, so keep watching my social media accounts. And if I see a pair of Chucks gracing the feet of an ISS astronaut I won’t be surprised because this brands reach is that VAST and Universally awe-inspiring! So break out your star charts because I feel we are going to go super-stellar in 2016!

Make it so number one.

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