Remember when I said at the beginning of my year that the Converse fandom levels would rival that of my biggest brand to date, Starbucks?  Well that observation was correct, and now I’m officially an “honorary” part of that BRAND FANdom by invitation as a #Chuckollector!


What is a Chuckollector you ask?  Well, let me tell you….

This group of people was started by Jeffrey Depp Muzilla in April, a man who has HUNDREDS of Chucks, who contacted a lot of the premier collectors of Chucks all across America trying to gather our collective Chuck power for the betterment of the planet!  Well, at least to give each other ideas, insights and kudos for our latest Chuck buy (but I’m quite convinced at least one of us IS saving the planet somehow). Now my year of living Converse is to acquire and investigate ALL Converse brand shoes, but #Chucks, well they are the longest and best known of all the Converse collections so it’s fitting that there are a LOT of #Chuckollectors in the world!


Besides the very impressive collection of Jeffrey Depp, there are many other very “noteworthy mentions” as part of this over 34 Facebook member (and growing) group, each with their own unique style such as:

Eric Grover Bowden, who also has HUNDREDS of Chucks but often posts pretty cool images of them all with laces spelling words, family all rocking a particular look and he uses #Hashtags like a PRO!


Xquizit Kidd is quite the Converse Artist! Not only is he a fan but he takes the artistry of presenting Chucks to a whole new level… just see for yourself on his Instagram page and check out the projects he is apart of, truly inspiring in the world from a LOVE of this brand!

“I own a total of 23 pairs of Converse sneakers. Through my Converse collection I became one of the Ambassadors for Sneakers 4 Change Charity Organization (S4C) which aims to collect sneakers and give to the less fortunate, I have the opportunity to change someone’s life through converse sneakers. Through Sneakers 4 Change I get a chance to show my collection at the annual event that celebrates the Sneakers collected for the selected beneficiary this challenges my creative ability and brings a smile to my heart and others.


My #XquizifiedCollection is a campaign to honor the sneaker Culture and my love for Art. The sneakers on Canvas also help raise funds for Sneakers 4 Change as 50% of profits go towards the charity organization. I am also a recording artist and posted a track titled “Allstars Everyday” which is the soundtrack for the Andy Warhol launch video on my YouTube channel.”


Thad’s Chucks Collection is a fun Facebook page too. Thad includes images pulled from the Internet for his page so it’s entertaining and Thad states he has over 200 pairs!  Impressive to say the least!


Tara Anderson also has a great Instagram feed and is doing a Chuck-a-Day post like me, and you gotta love this fan since she loves Mini Coopers (like me) and Lego’s too (my 2018 brand I’m living) so check out all her Chucks!


Sabbi Merz has some great Chucks pics on her Instagram and told me that she has 18 pairs now but one of the things I liked about Sabbi’s feed is the rare pair of awesome boots she has AND that her friends know she loves Chucks so much they bought her a Chuck bean bag?! Those are some great peeps!











I LOVE being a part of this group!  First of all it reminds me so much of all the Starbucks Partners I got to know in 2013’s challenge, another tight-knit group that is REALLY into their brand! Their enthusiasm is hard to deny and the information sharing and camaraderie of wanting to buy pairs out of stock or sold out and one of us scouring the country to find and pass along the information to the others just makes me smile. Converse has a real #BrandAmbassador thing going on here and I’d LOVE to see corporate embrace this diverse group of people more because they MAKE THIS BRAND!

PRIDE 2016 Converse

I am PROUD TO BE a #Chuckollector and my new pair of PRIDE Converse will always mean more than just my LGBTQA PRIDE now; now the rainbows belong in my heart to a group of fellow Chuck-enthusiasts who I’m sure will be a part of my life for years just like my Partners have been since 2013. Converse, bring us into your fold…. you will NOT be disappointed at the amount of heart your brand has created in this world through our feet!

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