The Converse Classroom

Fall has set in, and the school year started; my mind keeps coming back to all the educational opportunities I’ve been given about Converse so far. So to get us in the mood for #PSL’s and pumpkins here is the latest advertisement which is looking pretty great right about now…


I could sure use those red leggings for Halloween!

I’ve had so many days of Chucks this year that I’m a pro at tips and tricks for keeping your sneaks CLEAN now. So let’s get to the good stuff….

Yes, we all love our white chucks, or the white brims of our favorite color or design of chucks, and yes, we CAN wear white after Labor Day now (who made that stupid rule anyway?!) but HOW do we keep those pearly whites, well, white?  Let me tell you my new best kept Chucks secret… Bar Keepers Friend! Yep, bartenders know much more about life than just pouring you a fancy drink or a cold one. Bar Keepers Friend is a product I was turned onto a couple of years ago because, white porcelain sinks, but (wo)man does it clean your Converse like a DREAM! I’ve used it on my CONS (below) and all my Chuck tips all year-long!


Just consider Bar Keepers Friend a much-loved friendship in your household (like duck tape) and get yourself a bottle, you will not be disappointed!

In keeping with a Fall 2016 theme, I did go out and buy me a pair of super cuteness Apple Chucks to go with back to school and Rosh Hashanah.

And as the cooler days have finally come and Halloween is just around the corner I’ve switched to socks and fur-lined styles to complete the looks. Happy Fall everyone!


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