All that Glitters IS GOLD!

When you live a year of the Converse brand, you become familiar with many aspects within the community such as the amazing amount of custom #Chucks that you will find!  There are literally thousands of small, independent businesses sole-fully (pun intended) crafted by artisans of every kind, from painters to crocheters. There is something for everyone within this specialized area. Unfortunately, I tried contacting some of the more rare, and extremely expensive, custom #Chucksters, only to not have my emails returned or to be bid such exorbitant amounts that no person (other than royalty or the rich) could afford. So I did what I do best, I made my OWN custom pair of #Converse!

And no, I did not do yet another pair of the hand-painted, or groovy tie-dyed or crystal embedded pairs that you can find on any eBay or Etsy store… oh, no! Just like everything I do, I created my own, #OneOfAKind, unique pair…. I made the first pair of REAL GOLD Chucks in the world!

Yes, Converse has made gold-looking shoes. In fact, they even have yet another rendition of gold-looking pairs for the 2016 holiday season. But Converse, and every other #Chuckcollector in the world, does not have a REAL GOLD pair like me!  I used 14k gold leafing to add multiple layers onto each shoe with loving precision, keeping the traditional Converse star logo intact and fully visible as well as the back heel logo. The pair has at a minimum of 6 layers of 14k gold leafing accented with 14k gold beading accessories on each lace for a total of over $300 in gold applied between them. Talk about real BLING!

First REAL GOLD Converse in the world!

As my year of Converse (and all my challenges on #For1YearOfMyLife) come to a close… I leave my last six years with the same avant-garde style that I started these challenges with… to live LIFE FULLY, and to seek my own answers about the world around me.

For all my fellow #Chuckcollectors, #Rockstars, #Adventurers, #Partners and #Thrifters, these last six years have been great. I’ve learned so much and met so many amazing people! May all your lives be adventurous, may you all seek your own truths and may you all challenge everything you think we know, for that is truly the only way in which our species will ever evolve into greatness.

With gratitude…
-Beautiful Existence

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