For 1 Year Of My Life 1 Woman, 1 Year, 1 Brand, 1 Challenge

Homemade Jug Band instruments

Homemade Jug Bands

For the last two months I’ve shopped at the Seattle Goodwill to see what I could find in the way of children’s musical instruments, which ended up being a plethora of items like drums, bells,...

Over 60 kids musical instruments

Weekend Kids Rewind

When I started out playing kids musical instruments back in January, never did I imagine I’d have so many youth-based instruments that it would take me all the way into mid March! But, as...

Sub Pop Sweethearts

Love You Hate You

Well January is already in the books and I’m into my second month of my #AnInstrumentADay challenge by living the Sub Pop Records brand; what a lead up to Valentines Day it’s been!  I’ve...

My Sub Pop boys

Everybody Starts Somewhere

As you can see in the #WeekendRewind video… #AnInstrumentADay has started at the beginning, with kids instruments, because everybody has to start somewhere! For the next two months, I will be looking at all the...

Sub Pop Seattle For 1 Year Of My Life header

I Am A Loser

Well there you have it, I am officially calling myself a Loser for all of 2015! Yes, you might think I’m referring to the never-ending news reports about how odd my name is, the...

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