Seattle Flagship REI store

billy goat statue in Seattle REI store

For sure my favorite store for the sheer size, variety of items available for sale and rent, the Kids climbing tree area, the Ranger Station inside, the biking/hiking trails that surround the store, the huge 65 ft. climbing wall (which yes, I have scaled this year!), and a myriad of other absolutely fabulous finds in this flagship store!  Keep checking back for all the glorious items you can expect from your visit here while I update this page throughout the year!

First of all, a lifesaver for parents and a great way to engage the kids while at this store, the kids area!


The main entryway that will greet you as you arrive…


The AWESOME 65 ft. climbing wall…. (with some 12th man support happening)


The customer service area with a big picture of our beloved Mt. Rainier (and the 12th man support showing)….


The basement area where you rent equipment and where their gear garage sale items are kept all year long….


By far one of the coolest parts of this store (and one of the most amazing resources) the Park Ranger station!  This is a MUST VISIT when at the store….


The billy-goat that sits atop the stone fireplace, keeping watch on all below….


One of the biggest compasses I’ve ever seen, which BTW you can SEE THROUGH to the bottom floor!  It’s up on the second floor past shoes going towards the kids area….


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