Card Art gifted annually on the Birthday Scavenger Hunt


This year marks my 42nd birthday, and in honor of that special number (“the answer to life, the universe and everything” after all) I am launching a concept I discovered at SXSW this year… #FreeArtFridays.

I started these type of art adventures in my life over 20 years ago as a member of the infamous Fabricators of the Attachment here in the 1990’s Seattle, infamous for our ‘ball and chain’ on the Seattle Art Museum Hammering Man in 1993 (read more here) and many other installations. I worked with Subculture Joe (Sprinkle) and our crew, welding in our studio in Ballard, except by the time ‘Da bomb’ was parked downtown, I was already out… that silliness wasn’t for me.  But my love of secret public art installments as tokens of good faith in humanity is where establishing #SeattleFreeArtFriday has stemmed from.

Of course, since Seattle is where I started my love of surprise art, the Seattle metropolitan area and the photo maps showing the spots (with some marker hints) that will be posted on Instragram by myself and any/all other Seattle artists wanting to participate will be found under the #SeattleFreeArtFriday hashtag, so check it out and I hope what we produce gives you a smile, inspiration and amazement of the generosity still present in our society.

Seattle and the world… these gifts are for YOU!

Card Art gifted annually on the Birthday Scavenger Hunt

-Beautiful Existence



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