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My dear friend, J Paul Blake, the Director of External Relations at the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs at University of Washington, has asked for residents to sign a petition in support of a first-of-it’s-kind Washington State Sports Museum.

In his own words… “The Seattle Seahawks’ magnificent run to a Super Bowl title adds another chapter, arguably the greatest, to Washington state’s sports history. The team’s remarkable story should be a focal point in a combined state sports museum and hall of fame.
Unfortunately, a home for the collective history of professional and amateur sports in the state of Washington doesn’t exist. The time is right to build one.”

You can read more about his petition write up in the Seattle Times HERE.

Seahawks Superbowl Champions image

Please consider signing J Paul’s petition and supporting a place that not only our new Super Bowl Champions, the Seattle Seahawks, can house their victory… but a place that all past, present and future Sports-stars can have their stories told as well!


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